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Originally Posted by srl28 View Post
Agreed on going crazy with setting up trucks and trailers. Would you mind sharing some info about your marketing plan? Whos doing the marketing work etc? We've got one in the works but needs to be refined and what not before its put into use. PM me if you would like. Curious to see how your growing like that. Best of luck with all that, sounds like quite the undertaking.
I won't go into detail but hire a pro. It's the same as homeowners hiring us. They want a patio and may have a book saying how to do it but there is a lot to be said about experience. I've spent/spending a lot of money with this company to help push my company through the next step. If the company you are speaking to does not frustrate you with detailed questions, wrong company in my opinion. That is why I hired these people. I first wanted a website and I spoke with several that said no problem and showed me examples etc but this company basically said we'll get to the website but first we need to get to know you and your company..............sold.

We all, me too, throw money at equipment but at the same time lets not forget to throw money in areas that will move that equipment and I don't just mean employees.

We're growing and doing very well but I'm unhappy with where we are and therefore changes have to be made. It's just not good enough. Changes in perspective, attitude, efficiency, customer service, brand etc. It's no longer just a job and something fun/cool to say but a business. I may have only had 6 guys this year but that's 6 guys + families.....say 20 people? And when you look at it from the perspective that these people are replying on your efforts, it really causes you to evaluate things, roll up your sleeves and push to really be something. If not, stay where you are if that is what makes you comfortable, there's nothing wrong with that, but for now I'm young and ambitious and the company isn't to the level and standards I require.

I got off topic a little there but 2 cents for anybody interested.
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