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As business owners, we should continue educating ourselves. It doesn't have to necessarily deal with plants and stones but simply intelligence. I'd say throw a bunch of good common sense in there with it too. How you run your business, treat your employees etc is all visible to the public. Clean truck vs dirty truck.....there's a message just in that. Doesn't have to be a new model. How you carry yourself, speak and interact with others shows your own intelligence. Customers are attracted to intelligence because that makes them feel confident in you. Watch other companies and see how they appear to you. Pretend your a customer. Why would you or why would you not hire that company?

I've started reading a lot more lately. Books/magazines, talking over investments, running numbers etc and feel much more in tune with both people and my business. The best thing that I have read so far was recommended to me by Jarod....'Becoming a Category of One' by Joe Calloway. I don't really like reading, but I like this book. It uses real businesses as examples and well, just buy it.....$17ish on If you're like me and reading isn't your preferred thing to do.....well it's kinda big print and only about 250 pages haha.

GROW in Dayton, Ohio next week is another such opportunity to educate yourself.
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