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Originally Posted by talus View Post
See what the number would be on 2 yellow ones. I'd like to get a 100G myself. They want big money for the 100G's. More than likey wishful for me. Is that dealer in PA?
the dealer told us the regular 100G is like upper 60's which isnt much more then the 80 , its the forest package that runs big money..... yea the dealer that we got the yellow 80 is in eastern pa ....powerco....they've been real good to us,i hate dealing with norfolk power ,example last year wehn we were lookin , norfolk had a left over 60 we got a price of x amount , we talked to our guy at powerco seeing if they could do a dealer trade cause we'd rather deal with them , norfolk told them they dont have any 60s , so we were like wtf , one weekend we drove up there and there sits the 60 from before talked to a different guy and got price y amount .....idk just dont care to get the run around

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