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With the exception of snow, everything we do is residential. I am bidding on an HOA so we will see. I bought the trucks back in November as part of a 2010 write-off.

Mowers I buy used for the most part and run Exmark. When I can get a 48" hydro with 600hrs for $2,500 it doesn't make much sense to spend $5,200+ on a new one. Same with our three zero turns I bought last year. They are 50/52" with 200-400 hrs and I paid between $3,775 - $4,200 for each when they are $7,000 new. I have one Better Outdoor Products 44" but think I'll sell it or put it as a backup. Good mower but for simplicity I am going all Exmark mowers and all STIHL units.

Don't wait till you need something to buy it. By the time you really need it you should have already had it, so long as you can justify the purchase and keep emotions out of it. Emotions will cost you a lot of money. Emotion tells me to buy a Corvette, my brain and calculator say buy another truck or whatever else we need to continue growing. I'll get it one day...... I'll be buying mowers all season in preparation for next year. Ours aren't getting any newer so if I find a deal I'll buy it and rotate it in, add as a backup or with the intention of adding another crew.
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