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Thanks. I know it's a stretch but believe within reach with what we're doing. We'll know in a couple months.

Mowing and design/build are two companies in my head, one on the books. I have a separate bank account for the two so I can watch each easily. I didn't get into mowing because I had to have stability but there is that comfort. I consulted with a hand full of contractors that are successful at it, saw an opportunity and jumped in. I am growing two businesses under one name really.

In my opinion, you should concentrate on one before the other. You don't with one crew mow grass and build stone patios. It's one or the other, you're a grass cutter or a stone banger. My stone guys would laugh at the grass guys if they tried laying stone and the grass guys would laugh at the stone guys if they tried to cut grass.

More so, I want to grow and this was another vehicle to do so. I can also provide jobs to more people, put my name out there more and offer more services. A friend of mine that graduated from Virginia Tech with me just started a biz this fall after having worked at a high end golf course for 8yrs. I can now potentially provide him with 300 leads for fertilization programs to my mowing customers and provide my customers with another service. Their lawns will look great, my company will look great for maintaining them and he will get business. He's also doing irrigation and that's a need that I also have for the design/build projects. He's a good friend, has his head on his shoulders and I'm enjoying helping him get going.

Originally Posted by Graveslawncare View Post
Todd, 3 mowing crews at 100 accounts a piece sounds great, I really hope you guys meet and exceed those goals this year!

I find where you are going with your company interesting and encouraging. You're going at it the same way as my company except backwards- You started in hardscape/construction and added mowing later; I started in maint. and have been moving towards design/build. With that said, here's a ? for you:

I read all of Jarod's thread, and agree with pretty much everything, with the exception of his opinion on doing both maintenance and design/build. I think it can be done, and done well, as long as it is done right. I'm guessing this is your opinion too, since you didn't only start a mowing division, you are expanding it? What's your take on all that?
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