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would you buy 2wd?

this is what I'm wondering, if I actually need to buy a truck with it. I'm looking at buying a 1-ton dump (Chevy/GMC) and am wondering if I actually need 4wd. New prices and used prices (especially used) are lower. Here is what my plans for the truck are. From end of March to beginning of December the truck will be our main work truck. Pulling a mowing trailer, hauling debris, mulch, etc. I don't drive on peoples' lawns, so no getting stuck there. If I get stuck at the nursery/landfill, I doubt they are gonna leave me stuck (I might use 4wd once per season to get out of a situation like that).

I'm undecided for the winter what this truck will do. Either it will plow wide open lots and potentially carry a v-box or the sidewalk crew will use it and carry blowers, pallet of ice melt (and some stone for weight). What would everyone else do? I realize resale value on a 2wd 1-ton dump will be lower, but I plan on running this truck for quite some time. Thanks.
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