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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
That driveway is in an older neighborhood in Bloomington, close the the hospital.

1.) barely could get my truck in there if I tried.
2.) Plow is too wide
3.) The mini would have worked for only half of it as the grade is to steep from the house to the street. There was at least an 8' grade change from the bottom of the backdoor to the street.

I did one property that I normally blow (too narrow even for a 6.5 foot plow) half with blower and the front half with the mini. The apron at the front of the drive was newer concrete and an 8" drop over 6 feet. A couple of times I was afraid I was going to slide into the busy street. The key was getting a good scrape as you go downhill to get better traction on the pavement.

I started with a blower, and even still blow most of my driveways to keep the heavy truck off of them. In this storm though, most drives got the truck if I could maneuver in them, and I was really surprise at how well Heavy D can turn and push most of the snow off the side of the driveways.
Ok i see then,ok then.Kool then so at least u started like me with a snowblower and shovels,ohh yes for sure on this past storm it was just too hard for the blowers and shovels even some of the little bit bigger blowers,the guy across from me went and bought a 25''blower and still was having a bit of a hard time but mine is so so not a huge one average its kinda like the toro u have but a two stage ariens of the regular 21' size it did pretty good.and that does save alot of time since u got the dump with the meyers plow,do u salt also?
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