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Originally Posted by TomG View Post
No worries, I posted the pictures of the projects so people can state their opinions on them and possibly help us do a better job. What do you mean by finesse is lacking? I'm just curious, I'm always looking for pointers.
The pond work looks great and the overall design is quite nice on the patio but I see some unevenness in the wall flow and the firepit caps, it really looks notchy rather than flowing smoothly. Just like the cutting in the patio, too notchy, I think that stems from not having a good method of cutting or marking your cuts. What method do you use? cutting in place, laying the soldier first then marking one at a time? or do you mark and bring them to the saw? You really need to mark them all at once but stand back and take a close look , you'll get a picture of how it will look when it is finished. This is what separates the real professionals from the average hardscaper. I see this alot in my area, we see guys who can do the work, even have nice designs but the overall flow and fluidity is lacking.
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