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More business than I can handle? Maybe.

I started my business doing mostly mowing in April, 2009. At the end of that first year I had 16 customers. Last year around this time I started making flyers, buying business cards, putting my business on google, yahoo, bing and other local business search engines and putting adds in local papers. I gained about 20 new customers in 2010; most were full time. I didn't lose any from 2009. This year I hope to gain another 20 or maybe a little more.

I think this would put me above max capacity. I work alone and the 35 customers I had last year were a full time job. I like working alone only because it cost less but It would be nice to have someone to b.s. with and besides it's obvious I will need some help soon anyway.

The question is with the amount of money I will pay someone to help me plus workers comp plus higher ins. and whatever else comes with hiring someone I will be no better off than I would be mowing 40 or so lawns by myself so why not just pick and choose the best 40 and settle for that. I talked with one guy in Columbus, Ohio who suggested exactly that. He owns a medium outfit with a handful of crews and a 5000 square foot shop. He was obviously stressed out and said if he were starting from scratch he would work alone at max capacity and make his $50,000/year and that would be that.

I want to hear some takes on this... What did you do at this point?

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