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Try to go online and research out the purchase of SNIPPER® (Indole–3-butyric acid).
These are injection products or you can call a nearby arborists who can inject these trees at the precise time. There is a two to three week window during the onset of bud swell to inject these trees. The timing has to be well planned before injecting or the process is void.
I performed this procedure in the late 90's but it is and was expensive to purchase and install for me. With the presence of this window of application, I had to have all my ducks in a row. The downside to this procedure is you will have to inject these trees each year to be successful. It does not make the trees sterile, all it does is administer the indole-3 butyric acid into the branch tips by vascular uptake to make the bud die. After this occurs, the tree turns the acid into a substance like methane and then is utilized by the tree. Sometimes the tree will look puney and slow leaf break after the chemical is diffused.
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