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You said he cut the frame on that f800 from 24ft to accomadate a 12 ft dump.

My question is this.

I just saw a new f750 with a 24 ft frame (new truck, just the cab and frame) and was wondering if I would be out of my mind to think I could put a 12 ft dump and then a flat bed/tool storage area in front of the dump body on the same body.

I may be out of my mind here, but it seems to be a good idea when it comes to going to a job with everything under the sun on one truck.

Is this possible?

I have a friend who is currently taking the 10 ft dump body off of his new f750, and he's getting a I-pack tool box installed with a smaller dump body instead, so I can get a great deal on the dump body.

Like I said, is this nuts, or does this have possibilities?

Now granted, the truck will be a monster, being so long, and be a real pain to get into those smaller jobs, but it seems to be something that makes sense. I could make a real nice custom tool storage/equipment storage/supply storage on the truck in front of the dump body.

In texas, I know they custom order extra long mason dumps to carry both a 8 ft dump, a I-pack, and a extra 2 ft storage space on the trucks for misc. items (sometimes a fuel cell). To me, this seems like the next step.

Just wondering, because I can't recall ever seeing anything like this, besides a dump/I-pack/or a cab-box(like a sleeper cab) on a single axle dump.


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