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The over 10,001 laws have been on the books in KS for a long time, they just began cracking down and enforcing them last year. Time to generate some revenue for the state huh? I totally agree, it's bat-chit insane some of the regulations. A lot of it is common sence stuff, maintience stuff, and I'm not against that. But when you start mandating daily logs and inspections by the driver, going to classes annualy, and on and on... It's just stupid. I have 2 friends that drive delievery trucks for Budweiser and both of them tell me that they DO NOT have to keep a daily log book of any sort because they don't travel far enough to mandate keeping one. Yet the KCC (kansas corperation commision) tells ME that I have to. What? They are drving trucks 4 times the size of mine... Something stinks here.

I know Kansas would never repeal the law, look at the profits it generates! Makes for a living hell for the small business person for sure. I almost dread leaving the house with my lawn rig every day as last summer where was state troopers combing the town on an almost daily basis. And yes I got pulled over too. The MOST irritating thing is that NO ONE actually knows what the laws really are. The DOT inspector will tell you one thing, the "saftey compliance" outfit tells you something else, then this "KCC" comes in and tells you that you have to have 10 times more than what the DOT wants.
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