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Well I wasn't sure if people would be interested in my thread because I don't see too many people posting pictures of their own projects, but it looks like people are. I will share some information about myself. I work for my family's Landscaping business and I hope to take it over someday when the old man wants to retire. I graduated last year from college with associates degrees in construction management and business management. I have worked for the family company for 13 years. Currently I am a job foreman and the head equipment operator for the company. I do all the prep work for all the jobs, meaning for pavers, I do everything up to putting in the beading sand and for walls, everything up to laying base row. Also I do almost all of the granite work. Then my father and his crew comes in and completes the project and I move on to prep the next job. However on our large projects we work together to get the job done quicker. I am also ICPI, NCMA and PICP certified and have a CDL license. Don't be afraid to to ask questions or comment on our projects. I will try to answer them the best I can but I don't know everything! haha

Anyone can run equipment, very few can operate.

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