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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
Tom, don't take this personal, you really need to pay more attention to detail, like bond lines and I'm not seeing any edge restraint anywhere, what about geo-tex, haven't seen you guys using that either. You guys seem to do alot of work and you're proud of it which is a good thing but stand back and have a look at your work from the curb, things need to flowwwwwwwwwwww.
No worries, you have your opinion and that's fine. I can assure you there is edge restraint on each and every job. We wouldn't be in business for 30 years if we didn't. Its usually just covered by mulch or loam on the side. We don't use geo-textile under walks or patios unless there is clay or loam present after excavation. We have very sandy, gravely soil here. We also compact the ground at the bottom of the excavation before the base goes in. What pictures are you referring to about bond lines? Again i appreciate your comments and opinions even though i don't always agree with them.

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