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another thing you can consider is hiring a young school kid in the enenings and all that spring work you have would begin to be scheduled over weeks instead of everyting being rushed and it would keep him busy longer then it would you and hire them with a truck and make him use it , his insurance and truck cost. you can also consider this if you dont pay over XXX $ a year on general labor you dont have to file him at all . we use that alot .i think its like $7-12 k not sure my tax lady tells me who qualifies. So we pay cash to those guys and when the work slows down their pay does to.

working a kid after school 3 days a week helps alot .pay him on pay plus tips( like a resturant) you can pay $5.00 an hour and then when his afternoon is completed on time and to your standard you give him a tip . you can find good help at $50 a day and not be in trouble with the IRS because they hired in the company that way and agreed to it ... you cant help they dont make alot on tips lol( like a ugly hostess)
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