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If you want easy on easy off look at tracksplus, they are a light and inexpensive design and last 1500 to 1800 hours. Won't work in wet snow though, it packs inside the pads andthey get to tight. Otherwise great product for the money. Light is great in mud. They use a longer pad design and run a bit rougher on hard surfaces. Pins are not bushed, but it is a bolt together design so you can change parts or adjust length if you need too

I have the Mclaren diamonds too. They are a good track with high traction, great in snow
Seem to wear well and run as smooth as a steel track can because they use more shoes. In turf applications the bars will penetrate the sod easier because they are narrow compared to grouser. McClarens are not bushed at the pins like Grouser, but the pins are locked into the pads so the wear is isolated in the dogbone.

Grouser are a good track too, but man they are heavy, sucks when you have a flat. Good choice if you are looking to counter weight the machine.
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