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Originally Posted by byrdjay


She's got about 80 hours on her and she did great this year. The Kohler is showing no signs of wear/issues and is running nicely. I thought I would add that in case anyone is wondering about reliability. Kind of sad to see her go for her winter nap in the garage.

As for cut I am really impressed. I have neighbors with Kub ZD's, JD Commercial units and a neighbor with a nice looking Simplicity and the my ZT is on par if not above the cut quality of those mentioned. My neighbors do scalp their yards but 50 hours on cheap Sten blades and no missed blades of grass.

Minor maintenance this year. Hydro filters changed and greased the machine. Other than that I saved over $2,000+ in mowing cost. If she makes it to 130 hours next fall I will have made my money back. Not too shabby.

So far, I would buy a Bad Boy Machine again.
Just out of curiosity and not trying to be a smart ass in any way, this is a $5000 mower why are you making it sound like its a big deal if this mower makes it to 130 hours, I really hope that it makes it way past that
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