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+ install by my mechanic

Up to you on your brother. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work and you may have to do your own thing. You pick your own path.

Originally Posted by fiveoboy01 View Post
Is that price you gave for the dovetails a few pages back installed, or do you install them yourself/hire someone to install them?

I have access to Penske used fleet trucks just like that, and that would be a REALLY attractive option....

As for your other thoughts just the past 3-4 pages... It's apparent that you really have a desire to do more than just have a business... It's more than that and it's clear that you see that... I sure wish I could get my partner to think that way as well.... I always get enthusiastic about things and he says "put your hardon away"... if he weren't my brother, I would have been on my own by now.... It's tough when you don't see eye to eye about something so important.

I am going to read through this entire thread sometime over the weekend. I feel my business is at a turning point and in a position to grow 200 percent or more in 2011 and I want some more motivation. Keep up the good work!
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