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Originally posted by timturf
I'm not done on uf

What % of uf is hwin?

What % of hwin in uf will breakdown in 1 year, and in 2 years?


UF % of CWIN= 60%

UF % of HWIN= 40%

% of UF HWIN to break down each year depends on the activity index which is only available thur the manufacture of that UF produce. Each manufacture will have a different Activity Index

UF was the first real slow release developed in the 1960. It is CWIN that is important or more important than Hwin. Cwin will start releasing in 2 to 3 month and WSN will rease in 2 to 3 weeks. HWIN can take 3 years to release 100%. SCU will take 2 year to release 100%.

Tim I hope this is the answer you are looking for. You made me go to the books. Page 142 "Western Fertilizer Handbook".

Darn Guy please help me out, Timturf has me on the ropes. But I am learning something

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