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Originally Posted by Outdoor_Maintenance_2010 View Post
she call me back to cancel...I never had problem with her till she told me to go lower
then all the problem's started...i mulch my clippings .but when you used to cut grass that is used to be cut higher and then you cut 2 times lower then usual there will be lots of clippings all over the grass....

Yes i did tell her that il try my best to prevent it...but theres so much you can do..

Im still new in the business..but what i did does make sense right?

I'm starting to think she either found another company or she will ask her bf to do it
I have one account that always leaves clippings. I cut it first thing and she must water that morning. It's only on her front lawn. If i bagged the front it made it easier. Also have to blow clumps there too. She pays great and leaves me a bottle water every cut. My kind of customer..
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