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Originally Posted by Outdoor_Maintenance_2010 View Post
totally agree clumps of clippings looks bad,but thats what happens when you cut grass really short...i can barely see clippings when i cut my other contracts

Your the pro.

Being your a pro you should know that before you touch the mower there would be a ton of clippings left over.

As a pro you should of known:

that customers will not accept clippings left on the lawn when you are done

mowed the lawn at the regular setting then mow it again at a lower setting so the clippings would be small enough to disperse and not be seen

mowed the lawn at the lower setting then go over the lawn a second time to disperse the clippings

that the only way you were willing to do the job she was going to have to accept piles of clippings on her lawn.

You refused to do the job right.

You refused to comunicate with the customer on how the job was going to look when you were done before you did it.

You failed to meet your customers needs and then you complain that the customer was unreasonable and she dumped you.
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