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Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
Thanks Exact Rototilling for the heads up on the March release after going back through the turfco thread I did see a release date.I wonder if Turfco put out any demo units for trial basis?Been kicking around replacing my current aerator and have been following your threads on your Plugr unit and what a good job it does pulling plugs.My area isn't real rocky so I shouldn't have as much wear and tear issues as your experiencing .Just wanted to see how the Turfco stacked up in the hydro aerator world so I could make the best educated decisions .

The Plugr Hydro's are a dream to run in soil free of rocks and rooted areas plus the pneumatic tires allow one to drop the rear of the unit to compensate for tine wear. As Plugr tines wear the core diameters actually increase slightly resulting in a shorter and fatter plug.

The Lawn Solutions is a big relief to run in lawns that have high rock counts.

There are pros and cons on reciprocating vs. rolling tines. Soil fracturing is a plus due to the elongation process of the tine entering and leavening the hole. Some claim reciprocating aerators compact the bottom of the plug hole?

Purdue seems to think there is an advantage:

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