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Originally Posted by P.Services View Post
I don't think you got a inheritance but I do think your growing dope and selling it by the truck load. That's why you guys put the sides on the fords, so you can haul it without the DEA seeing it. Most people measure their truck bodies in yards but you measure them in ounces.
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I'm obsessed with fishing out a good deal! I wouldn't be out in California if this wasn't a good deal (and EXACTLY what we were looking for)! Same with our bark blower that we got last year out in was a killer deal. If we were buying all of this equipment brand new...then yea maybe we'd be measuring our dump loads in ounces instead of yards! But as it stands we're still busting our humps like everyone else & will be for quite a long time! I have a thing with buying stuff brand new...just feel like you can get such a better deal on the used market.
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