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Thanks for your candor yet again. Just a day or two before you started the original thread. I remember sending you a PM years ago asking about what happened - why you quit the lawn biz...??? I have always wanted to know the how and why when things go side ways. How to avoid the common mistakes.

I remember when I first started out how simple life was ...... just rototilling a few lawns here and there. I'm still solo but I'm looking for ways to simplify. The market place is very fickle and if one is not willing to adapt you can get burned up. In my area I see rather desperate advertisements from LCOs and I often think to myself why bother....?

Just in the last few weeks I gave myself permission to quit the business. That was a tremendous relief in some strange sort of way.

Not quiting but if I ever choose is ok.....

Remember those old posters...hang in there baby?
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