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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
exactly, and why did we put more RED necks back into office?

you just made me fightened even more by someone else confirming exactly what i think on the subject
You know. Ive called myself a Democrat. But the democrats completely blew it.

They had the president, both houses, and a public that was behind them to "sweep in and change washington"

We were fed up with the bankers and the bailouts and the catering to the top 1%

What we got were democrats that were no different than the people we threw out. A spineless president that has never met a billionaire he didnt want to bend over for.....And we're worse off now than when they started.

The rich have given up on this country. They dont need it. They and the politicians only plan is to suck up whatever crumbs are left and then work on the rest of the world.

Its clear as day to us common people what they could have done to help people and get the country rolling again if they wanted to. But they dont want to.
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