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Leasing Mowers for the season??!?!?!

Hey guys I Have a question!

DO any of you guys take advantage of Weingartz Mower leasing Offer??
(forgot Weingartz is only in MI but any other equipment store for that matter!)

Im actually thinking about doing it this year..
Sounds cool...
SO you apply for it now, (you get approved)
If you pay the 3k straight up On the spot you can get it from Time of delivery (second week of april) til December.
Also during that time you can get all the oil changes, blades, ANYTHING it needs. Just drop it off they will give you a loaner then come back and pick it up later

At the end of the season you return it
And you're done! You dont have to store it, maintain it, Just gas it and go!

This way you are always using a new mower!

What are your thoughts?!?!?!?
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