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Originally Posted by mowerbrad View Post
So it's $3000/year to lease the mower. What would that same mower go for if you actually bought the mower?...$9000?

Lets do the math...a new mower costs $9000, that's the same price as leasing that same mower for 3 years. Now in that 3 years of leasing what do you have to show for it, absolutely nothing. But in that same 3 years of actually owning the mower, you would be able to sell the mower for probably $2500 at the end. So that would mean that your total investment in that mower if you bought it an then sold it after 3 years would be $6500. Even if you spent $1500 in maintenance costs in that 3 years of ownership, you total investment would still be only $8000, that's $1000 less than leasing.

Now I don't go to Weingartz, nor do I know anything about this program, but what all do they cover for repairs/maintenance? Do know for certain you don't have to pay for maintenance, will they cover the cost should you "blow-up" an engine? What about if you crack the deck, will they cover you then?

Sure, it'd be nice to have a new mower every year, but it just isn't economical to lease when you would spend significantly less money than just flat out owning a mower.
Yes they pay for all maintenance. If the mower blows up its not my fault! they replace it! As long as im not running over door locks!
This way i will put all the hours on their machine so the mower i bought last year would have low hours if i sold it in the near future!
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