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Originally Posted by BigWill View Post
Man u got a great set up just wanted to let you know that and I was wondering were do you go about to find alot of your used equipment. I do the same thing that you do. I buy gently used equipment for my business fix it up and go to work. I also started just like you did a young age im 23 now with right at 100 accounts. We are just now breaking into the irrigation and fetilizing and spraying parts which i hope does well. My shop is in the works as soon as i find the right spot the plans are done and ready to go.

Keep up the good work you got a great company there
Thanks alot BigWill!

As far as looking for used equipment I just search high & low throughout the internet. Check all the regular places like craigslist, ebay, equipment trader etc. If those don't produce anything decent I just keep on digging. I stumbled on our new hydroseeder on a Bowie dealer from California website. It was the only place it was listed, so it really wasn't getting many views. The equipment is out've just gotta search for it...

Good luck with your new shop...
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