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Oh the palms always get pruned like crap. Mostly I see the mexican fans that they wait too long then hack them up so there is only like 2 frawns left. I would agree with what tlc says. I can't go a day doing maintenance without seeing at least 10 different hacks all with unmarked, uninsured, unknowledgable guys cutting fescue at 2" or less and trimming plants like a 2 year old. The thing to remember is charge what you have to to make a profit, there is no way to compete on prices with the cheap guys, just don't even try. I charge an average of 45 a visit for most track homes and more for bigger properties. People if they have it explained to tuem, will value having a guy that knows his stuff and takes a proactive approach. In all my maintenance yards I have a service agreement that states once a month I will check the irrigation for any leaks or problems. Homeowners really love that selling point and plus it tends to lead to more work all for an extra 5 mins a month. Also I have continued to differ myself by becoming certified to maintain pools. Now I market to people that they only have to write one check to the gardener and there pool man a month and its one less person they have to deal with. Homeowners love simplicity. Oh and I am in san diego, mostly east county but I do have 2 coastal routes as well.
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