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I have had a few customers that said the grass gets too long in between cuttings and I simply tell them one of two things, a let's put you on the schedule for every week or b, I educate them that I can't cut fescue below 3 inches. I explain why and that if they want shorter grass I would be happy to give them a quote for bermuda or something. I personally, would rather lose a customer than to have the yard look like crap because the homeowner is telling me how to do my job. If they can't understand that I will do what is best for their yard and lawn and this is what I do for a living, they I don't bother havong them as a customer. If I cut it short because they want me to, well nothing good is going to come of it. They will be unhappy cause it will yellow and show dead spots, and I will look bad if people drive by and see me taking care of a yard that looks like that.
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