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Originally Posted by Dnryan View Post
I have had a few customers that said the grass gets too long in between cuttings and I simply tell them one of two things, a let's put you on the schedule for every week or b, I educate them that I can't cut fescue below 3 inches. I explain why and that if they want shorter grass I would be happy to give them a quote for bermuda or something. I personally, would rather lose a customer than to have the yard look like crap because the homeowner is telling me how to do my job. If they can't understand that I will do what is best for their yard and lawn and this is what I do for a living, they I don't bother havong them as a customer. If I cut it short because they want me to, well nothing good is going to come of it. They will be unhappy cause it will yellow and show dead spots, and I will look bad if people drive by and see me taking care of a yard that looks like that.
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That should be how it is, IMO. I cant afford to have people/potential customers riding by and seeing me cutting a fescue yard at 2 inches with brown spots and clippings everywhere. I want someone to ask the homeowner who is doing their yard because they think it looks great, and they want to hire me. Not because it looks awful, and they want to avoid me.

But from the way it sounds im thinking the yard is bermuda grass and weeds for some reason.
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