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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post

I'd love for Plugr to send me a 855 for full review and I'm sure it is an improvement over the my 850's but....I don't hold back since I'm an equal opportunity critic. I know for a fact my comments here on this forum have sold a number of Hydro Plugrs over the years as well as David's Lawn Solutions 21" WB Aerator - I'm still waiting for ...oh well.

If Turfco wants to send me the new unit for comparison I'd be happy to run it through it's paces.
Hey Exact Rototilling I guess it's all your fault then, for my purchase so I'm holding you accountable.

With how rough your condition's are with that rocky soil you would really give those machines a proper workout.I would love to see Turfco and Plugr let you put their machines through their paces.I know you would give an honest review of your findings.Some how though I don't ever see this happening.
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