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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
They actually have multiple locations I believe. They used to rent a bay off a tree company in mcandless who rented off my uncle. They had like 4 trucks there. They still might even have them there not sure.
I have seen them a couple times in the summer and alot in the winter, all over. Like I said I usually catch them at CVS's either plowing or mowing. Check out their site if you havent, they are local and family owned

Nope I knew that too I always look at other companys trucks. The got alotta nice ones and like you said a mix from regular cabs extended cabs crew cabs . they are all white and have MMC on the doors I believe in a square box with a tree next too it
Maybe I'll have to invite them to join the site when I go for my interview next week.

I'll either be guaranteed a job or have a restraining order issued against me
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