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Warranty is open to interpretation and where you take it......wink wink. But you do run that risk.

I'm running an Edge Race programmer. You can safely turn up the power another 100hp but after that you need more aftermarket parts. At that point I'm around 450hp and 800tq and surprise a lot of people haha. I normally run around with only a 40hp tune because of towing etc.

A programmer will really wake up the truck and it will feel like a whole new machine you're driving. I got it from here:

Looking back, I might would have gone with EFI Live vs a programmer. I may ditch the Edge.........idk. I do have issue with 3rd gear but it's not throwing any codes for transmission slipping or my torque converter. This is why I believe I may have a bad injector. Not getting adequate fuel and the computer cutting power. Lift the throttle, shift to 4th and I can hammer back on it. Not sure yet but driven like normal there is no issue, it just makes hotrod'n the truck not so much fun at the moment due to whatever it is.
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