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Originally Posted by SkinnyVinny View Post
i gotta agree man.. thats a hell of alot of equipment for someone who just started.. depending on if both trucks are financed, you said one is in the high $800's a month to pay and the other is probably right up there with it... lookin at around $1800 a month roughly in just truck payments or more... still got insurance, gas for truck and equipment, and paying 8 i think you said? employees? I dont know man, not to be a dick but you might be over your head a bit... even if you get 30 resi's averaging $35 a cut, you still might be in trouble... and 30 on your first year is kinda rough to swing, but its possible.. best of luck
He said he does a handful of big commercial accounts, that's where the money's at. Beside's that, I'm pretty sure he's said at least once that the dump truck is his dads it just has his lettering on it, so I would think that means he's making payments on one truck.

Anyway trucks look great man, always good to see another young guy in Jersey making it in the business. Do you have 8 guys working year round or just for snow?
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