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everyone on here is so touchy.. I just stated an opinion based on what I am seeing.. I know commercial accounts are good for money, trust me.. I plow all commercial and have year round contracts for most. I simply stated he might be in over his head with all the expenses he is giving himself, and not even a year ago he was asking "what a yard of mulch means" and "how to charge for mum plantings".. If any of my commercials saw at anytime that I wasn't sure on something regarding anything with their landscape, I would be fired on the spot and I think most of you would agree.. I personally, and i stress personally, think he is diving into the deep end with weights on his feet.. Your jumping from no experience in this industry to managing an 8 man crew on commercial accounts which could easily be maintained by a solo op.. Your insurance must be through the roof, and I am sure workers comp for 8 employees isnt that cheap as well.... but hey if you wanna do it go for it im not stopping you.. like i said before, best of luck man i hope it does work out for you, but I think there's a lot of ticking time bombs here.. The point of being in business is to keep costs low and to have a high profit margin.. I will take my good old paid off 02' 350 and live within my means any day...
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