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Originally Posted by walker-talker View Post
It's all a crapshoot. You say 40-60 customers under contracts.....I am guessing for mowing? If that is the case, that might be high, but each case is different.

Few years ago I did 2500 postcards, twice. Got about 40 calls...not bad, but only picked up 4 mowing accounts. The majority of your calls will NOT be for mowing...just keep that in mind.

What kind of area are you targeting....income wise? I did some super nice flyers years ago and heard comments like "those are nice, I bet he's expensive"

Anymore, I prepare for the I know that sounds horrible, but that's the way I think now with advertising.
Yes i was talking about mowing and my target area is my town and a neighboring town which are considered high income areas.

And my flyers were designed on Microsoft word.. Their nice and full color but simple enough not to overwhelm.

And id really like to see 40-50 new contracts but dont get me wrong id be happy with just 20 new contracts... im just aiming high
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