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lift hight is correct but what kind of surface is this running on and what will it be used for are huge factors.

Are you talking about for doing installs unloading trucks and moving pallets of brick and sod on a job site?

are you talking about using it in a garden center setting, using it to move around stock and loading pallets into customers pickups?

A fork lift is much better for loading trucks as it is alot smoother and allows for more accurate adjustments to line up straight. A skid tends to be a little bit more "bouncy" hising the chances of damaging a truck when loading, but will work great on the job site. A skid tends to be alot more versitile, you can use many of the same attachments on a skid as on an articulating loader, but the skid is more compact allowing it to fit in tighter spaces such as an existing landscape
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