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Originally Posted by dirtandhoops View Post
Different approach here. I build my business WITH machines. Never would have had the business if I didn't have the machine first. I am FORCED to market and utilize them. Compost spreader, same way.
GREAT points Dirt - folks you can't build your business on the cheap. There is nothing you can use as a top dresser that is cheap. If it cost's you under 5K it is not going to work and if it is used and under 5K it is going to break and it will still cost you 5K. Unless you can build it you got to spend the $$.

The cheapest way to do it is......
Wheel barrow and heavy duty backpack blower (Redmax 8001 or 8050). Even this option is gonna cost you aboout $600 for the blower and $100 for the wheel barrow - but that is the only option that will work and not cost you and arm and leg. but you are gonna get post in your face - EVERYTIME and folks look at you like you are nuts but it does work and you can build your business so you can eventually get that dump and top dresser.
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