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Never gonna work

Originally Posted by jegoodri View Post
Ended up going a totally different route.

Drop Spreader wouldn't work (thanks for the confirmation) and top dressers are too expensive (dropping $5,000 on one piece of equipment when my annual income is around the same amount is a ridiculous idea no matter how big I hope to grow in the future).

I purchased the Earthway 2130 spreader ( It was totally different than I was thinking, but looks like it will work perfectly for the right price. I'll find out!
Amazing - jegoodri - I promise you that will not work on 95% of all composts. compost pellets yes - regular compost NEVER. I have (from ritten house) a Bannerman Drop Spreader that yesterday with just a little too much moisture in the compost and the thing did not work. This has a steel drum at the bottom that turns from the wheels and is about two ft long and 8 inches wide and the compost bridged (due to wetness) and would not pass down - so you think it is gonna fall thru some holes at the bottom of a salt spreader - NEVER - Get a good back pack and spray out of a wheelbarrow. Good Luck
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