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There is no harm in asking if they are happy but my experience is that people who jump from one company to another are not customers I want. There is usually a flaw there be it cheap, hard to please, or nuts. I have had them all at one time or another. Business is business and its your call as to how you are viewed by the other lco's. Like you say, if you are going to lowball then I would say bad move but if the people have a valid complaint against their company and you can step in and perform to their expectations for a good price then that is business.
I have had other scumbag operators who work for cash smoke me on price. If a customer goes with the uninsured, non-tax paying cash guy so be it. I need to run a business not get beer money. That in my eyes is stealing. If you go toe to toe with another business and can offer the customer something more than go for it. Guys whine all day around here about getting beat. It happens. There are more customers but it isn't always easy finding the good ones. Take care.
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