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Originally Posted by apsnova View Post
If I'm doing work at the property unrelated to mowing I generally ask if they want an estimate for mowing. However if they say they have a company already and seem happy with them, then that's how I leave it. I dont try to be the guy who comes in 5 bucks cheaper. Its just respect for a company is doing a good job and the fact that I HATE anyone who low balls work! What about you guys? Is "stealing" work just business? The way I look at it, there is only so much business to go around and you need to fight for your share. But where to draw the line. thanks for reading.
I hear what you're saying....however, you ever heard the term "Nice guys finish last?" Business is business, and if you want to make more money then getting somebody to switch is the other guys problem. If the other guy is doing so good then the customer can always say no, even if you are less expensive.
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