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Originally Posted by lawnguy27 View Post
What 36 mower should I get? I was thinking about getting a Exmark but I couldn't decide. I will buying a 36 when my Toro bites the dust. Then after I make more money ill be buying a 48 or 52. I need a 36 to get through gates. Thanks for the help!
Alot of it is person preference. Have you done your homework on the dealer's? Talk with them and ask them why you should buy from them? What will they do different for you than the next shop down the road? If your waiting for one mower to "bite the dust" then I'm assuming you have no back up? Will the dealer have a back up mower available to you while yours is down? Do they have units you can demo? Also, ask them for the reps name and number and see where you can get with them.
Its not always about the equipment you buy, but the service you receive after they deposit your check.
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