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Originally Posted by yard_dawg View Post
I just got a 36 advantage deck v ride. I did demo one before i bout it. man this thing is amazing. have not cut any with it yet, but looking forward to it. I also bout 2 of the 61 TT at the same time. Dealer gave me a heck of a deal with the fleet and trade in of my old mowers.
Not to cause any friction but I am amazed how someone can say they demo'd a mower without mowing any grass. I did that when I first started and ended up with a piece of crap mower that rode real nice in the lot! Just becareful when picking out new equipment. Nice and shiny and new is not always the best. I am not saying you made a mistake with your Scag either just demo as much as you can. We run a new mower for at least a full day before making a decision. In fact on the Grandstands our dealer let us cut every lawn we had before we made our decision.
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