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Originally Posted by brian1425 View Post
ETW - I believe in previous posts you stated that you believed a company should not offer multiple divisions or services. What has caused the change? The conversations of mulitple divisions vs a business focused on one service has always been intriguing. I have always believed in one business without divisions.
I'm bored, here you go:

"We started hard in maintenace 10 years ago, strayed from it into design/build, then higher end design/build. Our weak link over the past 3-4 years became the lack of post follow up with our projects. Our clients would say, "you've build this phenominal backyard for us, honored warranties, but we just don't know how to maintain it." "Billy", the local landscaper, would be hired to remulch, hack the shrubs, etc. and the place would become a mess. After hearing a handful of our clients request something like this from us, we decided to relook at it. Design/build is our passion, I'm not going to negate that, but we have to take care of our existing clients. They know our repuation, and know that when we do launch this, it will be a program that will be right. You have to delicately give your clients what they want, while maintaining growth and profitability. Its a dancing game, and you have to make the right moves."
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