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Brian does have a viable question so let me try and give my opinion on it. I think its one thing to start a new division that incorporates high tree pruning, deck building, irrigation, carpeting, milking cows, and taking kids to school. I have some of those kind of ideas on a side board that has always intriqued me but feel it would derail our focus. As you know we're not a huge company and spreading yourself too thin, not being able to pay for knowledgeable employees, and buying tons of equipment is dangerous. This is where I see other small companies out there that do 100 different things and I say to myself "no way."

Then there is our new GROW division. Basically Brian its services we already have done in the past or are even currently doing on our new builds. Yes we've added some cool unique things to it, but they are simple things that the clients want. What we've done is put them all in a melting pot and presented it to our clients and have gotten rave feedback. We don't really have to buy tons of equipment, we already know the properties, and we have someone with a hort background to head it up. It's not what I would say is a "rocket science" division or something that will derail our focus. It'll be a good solid mesh with what we already do, making us a much more appealing company to our clients.
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