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Originally Posted by jegoodri View Post
Hey All,

I'm starting a very small organic composting element of my business. I want to put compost down as a main element. The Lesco push drop spreader seems like it could do the job with a 36" spread but the Earth N Turf 24 D costs $300 more to spread at 22". Am I missing a problem that would come up using a drop spreader?
Well how about a topdresser that will spread 12 FEET at $5,500.00 and handle materials at different moisture levels. It will have a harder time handling compost that's more than 70% moisture, but it's the most versitile for the job at hand. Spreads pelletized and granular materials as well.

What topdresser specializes at handling wet, sodden, aenarobic and poorly handled compost? The answer is none. Buy compost with 50% moisture. You will be rewarded for your diligence. Buy in bulk and store it yourself if you cannot find a supplier who will handle the compost properly.

I paid for the first topdresser four years ago within 3 weeks. We still have the same unit after all these years. It's paid for itself many times over with occasional use.
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