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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
yep, sure looks like pavers layed on the ground!

I'm not liking that downspout with the elbows that is protruding into the patio. Not sure why you needed elbows going into the ground? Also, if you have settlement 8 yrs down the road, will the end of the elbow seperate from the pipe in the patio? We do a straight shot, no elbows, and we have at least 6" of overlap, so if anything settles and seperates...the water wont damage anything.

I agree with you, we normally do just what you described. But on this job and actually all the jobs in this 55 and older community we are working for the builder so what ever he says goes (of course within reason). The downspout and drain pipe were installed by the excavation company and they are a bunch of hacks (as you can tell by having to put on elbows). The drain pipe under the patio is solid pvc so we would have had to dug it all up to move it over, so we asked the builder and he said to leave it because of course we would have charged him to fix it and he wants to save money. And honestly in 8 years I would be more concerned about how much the house settles not the patio. lol I remember the excavation guys put that drain pipe in 3 times because the water in it was running the wrong way and obviously they still didn't get it correct. That's how bad the excavation company is.

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