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Originally Posted by JFGauvreau View Post
Some of my clients I do a full lawn aeration on the property, then I pass with my dethatcher, then once all the thatch is picked up, I fertilized and overseed at the same time. It's a BIG boosting package for a lawn in the spring. Usually in spring it's always damp, so the seeds take no time to germinate. You cut the grass a bit shorter than usually before doing that, that way the customer can stay away from his lawn extra longer.

The only bad thing I can see if your mowing your lawn that has fresh seeds, is the seeds might fly away or get displace.
When you dethatch and rake up the thatch are you also picking up the aeration plugs? If you are going to both aerate and dethatch then I would de-thatch first and rake. Then aerate so that you do not disturb all the plugs
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