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I believe he mailed out 40 thousand and it cost him 12 thousand...If I read it right.

I am going with one of the companies similar to val-pack.
I will get a flyer with coupons if I choose, full color, mailed to 50 thousand homes for somewhere in the 1300 dollar range per mailing. Some will get to multi family homes, none to businesses, but the business people have to live somewhere, right?

When it boils right down to it, it will cost me the same as a phone book ad I had last year which brought in very little business and bunches of calls from areas out of my service range or from people looking for a job.

This is an experiment for me this year. I will have competition from 2 other local companies that do fert apps only, no maintenance.

First mailing will be hitting mailboxes last week in march. A tad late because I missed the first mailing which hit boxes 2 weeks ago.
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